Video from our Police Body Camera Panel

The full video of SPJ San Diego’s police body camera panel on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. Watch a few of the highlights here.

Tuesday’s panel provided a lot of new information on the San Diego Police Department’s use of body cameras.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman gave more details on the department’s policies for using the cameras and said she thinks the videos should not be released to the public most of the time.

SPJ, San Diego Police Chief to Discuss Police Body Cameras


Your next encounter with a San Diego police officer may be recorded. Please join local community leaders, including San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, on Tuesday, Oct. 14 to discuss this major shift in law enforcement policy.

The San Diego Police Department is one of many agencies nationwide now equipping officers with body cameras, a crime deterrent that’s sparked debate amid accusations of excessive police force in Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere.

The Society of Professional Journalists, SDPD and panelists with varying views on police cameras will discuss the benefits and controversies of the new technology. When are police required to record? Can the public and the media see the recordings? Do they actually deter crime? Come get these and your other questions answered.

The Data Show: Guided Tours in Data Reporting

A map designed by NPR to show damage from the tornados in Oklahoma in 2013. See the interactive map here.

A map designed by NPR to show damage from the tornados in Oklahoma in 2013. See the interactive map here.

Charts, maps, games, spreadsheets and other data-focused features are becoming new essentials in online journalism, and are often the most popular and memorable pieces of stories.

Interactively learn from data journalism experts how to collect, analyze and present data in your next story or reporting project. They’ll each show a data journalism project and guide attendees through the tools and steps needed to accomplish a similar result. Audience members will leave with concrete skills and new tools to use on data journalism projects.