Past Sunshine, Window and Wall Award Winners

Each year, San Diego SPJ gives out a Sunshine Award for supporting transparency in government.

Beginning in 2015, the organization also began bestowing the Window Award for the public official or agency that most prioritized transparency and the public’s right to know, and the Wall Award for the public official or agency that most ignored media requests or otherwise compromised the public’s right to know.

Here are previous winners:

2015 Sunshine Award: J.W. August, David Gotfredson and Paul Krueger
Three TV journalists who frequently collaborate and lead the local charge to pressure officials to open public records.

2015 Window Award: City of Del Mar
In response to a California Public Records Act request, Del Mar released a 10-minute video last year.

2015 Wall Award: The San Diego Police Department
Chief Shelley Zimmerman has publicly said she won’t release most body camera footage to the public.

2014 Sunshine Award: Max Branscomb
A professor at Southwestern College and advisor to the college newspaper The Sun who advocates for access to public records.

2013 Sunshine Award: Terry Francke
The general counsel of Californians Aware has a long history of helping journalists, citizens and public officials understand and use their First Amendment rights.

2012 Sunshine Award: Mel Shapiro
The activist is a tireless advocate for open government and fights for access to public records.

2011 Sunshine Award: Donna Frye
The former councilwoman has always been dedicated to open government while in office and as president of Californians Aware.

2010 Sunshine Award: State Sen. Leland Yee
The state senator introduced legislation to subject campus auxiliary organizations to the California Public Records Act.