SPJ Legal Advice Network

A group of San Diego attorneys is offering its services to help journalists fight for public records. From help drafting responses to California Public Records Act exemptions to discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against a government entity, this group of lawyers has agreed to provide SPJ members with pro bono legal services.

The lawyers’ contact information is below.

This listing of attorneys is provided as a benefit for journalists as they have offered their services for obtaining public access to information. SPJ San Diego is not affiliated with these attorneys and does not endorse them. SPJ San Diego is not responsible for the representation they provide, nor does it have any role in the formation or course of the attorney­-client relationship between journalists and listed attorneys. However, SPJ board members believe that access to public information is essential for journalists to do their jobs, so SPJ is providing contact information for these attorneys in the hope that it leads to greater transparency and public access to information in San Diego.

Want help from the attorneys? Email Dan Gilleon at dmgilleon@gmail.com, William Small at will@smallschena.com or Scott Savary at sas@savarylaw.com, and you will be connected with someone who might help.

Other questions? Contact Lynn Walsh, SPJ National President­-elect: Lynn.K.Walsh@gmail.com.