Learn about covering the education beat from the experts

Join the San Diego County Office of Education and the Society of Professional Journalists for MAKING THE GRADE: REPORTING ON EDUCATION
Date: May 16, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm
Dinner will be served

San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111
San Diego County is home to more than 750 K-12 schools, with 26,000 teachers serving nearly 500,000 students. High profile situations like the Newtown school shootings, student-teacher relationships, and school board elections often result in increased news coverage. School plays, fundraisers, and stories about teachers working hard every day? Not as much. Why? Is there middle ground?
This is your chance to talk to reporters and hear their side of the story, and to share yours. What do reporters need when they call you? How can you help them do their job while maintaining your focus on educating children? What rules guide reporters looking to get on school campuses? Does the media ever cover good news about education anymore?
• Maureen Magee, Education Reporter, UT San Diego
• Will Carless, Investigative Reporter, Voice of San Diego
• Dr. Helen V. Griffith, Executive Director, e3 Civic High
• Manuel Rubio, Communications Director, Sweetwater Union High School District

What about those rare but sensational issues reporters and education officials have to deal with: a stabbing on the school grounds, a teacher caught taking video of students in the showers, a coach slapping a player; the sort of stories that the public wants to know about, the schools are concerned about and the reporter/producer has to report about?
At a time when school staff and reporters are busier than ever, how do we bridge the gap between schools and the media so the public knows what’s happening on campuses across the county?
Space is limited!
Please email communications@sdcoe.net by May 10 to register for this event


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