We have scholarships

Our SPJ Scholarship Competition will award three $900 scholarships to local college students, one scholarship each in the categories of print, photo and video.

Applicants may make submissions in multiple scholarship categories (i.e. print, photo and video) but won’t win more than one. To be considered for a scholarship, students must write a 500-word essay that explains their career goals, their journalism experience to date and why they should be chosen. Entrants must also submit at least two and no more than three examples of work for consideration in each category. (To be clear, to win the print category, you must submit 2-3 articles; to win the photo category, you must submit 2-3 photos, and to win the video category, you must submit 2-3 videos.) Submissions must have been published in 2013 and must be electronic, i.e. consist of URLs, JPGs or digital video. Mailed copies will not be accepted.
To enter, go to http://www.betterbnc.com and create an account for yourself under “Open Call Contestant” Then go to “Manage Entries” and click on “Make entry”. Under “Division” choose “Scholarships” and then choose which scholarship you wish to apply for and follow the instructions from there.

Winners will be announced prior to our annual awards banquet on Thursday, July 10, and the scholarships will be distributed at the banquet that night.
For more information about the Scholarship Competition, email board vice president Matt Hall at matthew.hall@utsandiego.com.


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