2017 SPJ San Diego Area Journalism Competition Frequently Asked Questions

Is the contest open to professional journalists and students, or just professionals?
This contest is for professional and student journalists. Student journalists entering their work that was published/broadcast in student media must enter in the College Media Division. Student journalists entering work published/broadcast in professional media – for example, work they produced during an internship or job or through freelancing – must enter in the appropriate professional divisions.

What media types are included in the contest – is the contest just for Daily Newspapers?
We recognize ALL media types in this contest, including daily print and online publications, non-daily print and online publications, magazines, radio, TV, and college media. For a complete list of Divisions, visit our Rules page.

What kinds of categories are included in the contest?
The contest includes 130 categories. For a complete list of categories, see the Categories link on our website at http://www.spjsandiego.org.

How many entries can an individual entrant submit per category?
Entrants may submit an unlimited number of entries in each category.

Can an entry be submitted in more than one category?
No, except that an entry may be submitted for a Special Award in addition to being submitted in one regular category.

How many categories can an individual enter?
An entrant can submit entries in any or all contest categories, provided all other criteria and rules are met.

How many articles can I submit per entry?
Most categories only allow you to enter one article per entry. Exceptions are for the categories identified as Series or Package and for categories asking you to submit three examples.

How many photos can I submit per entry?
Most categories only allow you to enter one photo per entry. The only exception is where the category specifically allows for more than one photo submission such as Photo Essay.

Do I have to submit my entries online this year?
Yes, all entries must be submitted online to be eligible, except for College Media Best Newspaper entries, which should be mailed, along with completed entry forms and payment, to: SPJ San Diego Journalism Competition P.O. Box 880482 San Diego, CA 92168

Can an editor or publisher submit entries for multiple entrants?
Yes. Please be sure, however, to provide the name of each individual who produced the work entered.

How do I pay my entry fees?
Do I pay online, or do I send a check? We prefer that you pay for your entries online. Once you are registered and have submitted all of your entries online, click the Pay Now button. You will be prompted to confirm your contact information and be asked for your credit or debit card information. You may also pay by check. Simply print off an invoice showing the total due and enclose that with your check. Checks should be made payable to “San Diego Society of Professional Journalists.” Payments by mail must be postmarked by Monday, April 11, 2017. Mail to: SPJ San Diego Journalism Competition P.O. Box 880482 San Diego, CA 92168

I want to become an SPJ member to take advantage of the discounted entry fee. How can I join now?
That’s easy. Visit http://spj.org/join.asp and choose from the options shown. Be sure to pay your national dues AND your San Diego Pro Chapter dues.

Can multiple entrants share an SPJ member ID # to take advantage of the discounted member entry fee?
No. The discount can only be applied to individuals whose SPJ membership is active and in good standing. However, if multiple individuals produced a single entry, they qualify for the member entry fee if at least one of them is an SPJ member.

How do I delete an entry, or make an entry inactive?
Entrants have the ability to delete entries. After logging in, an entrant will see a list of their entries. On the far right, there is a big red X next to each entry. Click on the X to make an entry inactive and remove it from the contest. Once entries are submitted and paid, they may not be withdrawn.

When will the winners be announced?
The winners will be officially announced in mid- to late-May or early June. Winners’ names will be listed on our SPJ San Diego Pro Chapter website at http://www.spjsandiego.org. Winners will not learn which categories they have won until the awards banquet in July. A complete list of winners with categories will be posted on our website following the awards banquet.

Can you waive the entry fees for me?
Unfortunately, no. However, you may qualify for a dues waiver with national SPJ. Contact Linda Hall at SPJ headquarters in Indianapolis ((317) 927-8000, ext. 203 or lhall@spj.org) to find out if you qualify. If not, consider the $75 per year membership and $10 annual chapter dues as an investment in your career. It is well worth it, and it is probably tax deductible (check with your tax advisor to confirm)!


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