SPJ-SD lists contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 San Diego Journalism Awards Contest!

A total of 169 local journalists will take home awards in 120 different categories at the SPJ annual awards banquet Thursday, June 25, at the Bali Hai.

The San Diego Pro Chapter received 557 entries for this year’s awards contest, which included categories for Daily Reporting & Writing; Non-Daily Reporting & Writing; Newspaper Design, Photography & Headlines; Newspaper Special Sections; Online; Magazines; Television/Video; Radio/Audio; College Media; and five special prizes. The special prizes include the Sol Price Prize for Responsible Journalism; the First Amendment Award; the Herbert Lockwood “Woody” Award, which honors the best in humor writing; the Diversity Prize; and the James Julian Memorial Award for best community service story or series.

In what may be a sign of the changes in San Diego’s evolving media landscape, this year’s most popular category was Non-Daily Reporting and Writing, which had 162 entries. The College Media category also had a strong showing with 109 entries.

The list of winners is below, but you’ll have to come to the awards banquet to find out who won what. The banquet is set for Thursday, June 25, with a cocktail reception at 6 p.m. and dinner and program at 7 p.m., at the Bali Hai, 2230 Shelter Island Drive. Tickets are $37 per person, or $370 for a table of 10.

The list of winners is below, but you’ll have to come to the awards banquet to find out who won what.

To RSVP, contact Jodi Cleesattle at jcleesattle@gmail.com or (619) 665-6710 or Lori Weisberg at lori.weisberg@uniontrib.com or (619) 293-2251, or buy tickets online with a credit card by clicking here.

2009 Winners

10 News I-Team
Accomando, Beth
Allen, Mike
Alpert, Emily
Armendariz, Agustin
August, JW
Bahena, Luis
Bennett, Kelly
Berestein, Leslie
Billing, Karen
Bonet, Kadhja
Brancheau, Maris
Broderick, Pat
Brooks, David
Burke, Megan
Calbreath, Dean
Calderon, Vicente
Campbell, Jon
Campbell, Sean
Carless, Will
Carpizo, Almendra
Castillo, Kristen
Cazares, Christian
Cervantes, Danielle
Chambers, Heather
Chang, Helen Kaiao
Chinn, Derrik
Ciallella, Lauren
City Times editorial board
City Times staff
Coburn, Christopher
Connelly, Glenn
Countis, Michael
Crook, Hank
Cushman, Tom
The Daily Aztec
Dailey, Keli
Davis, Rob
De La Garza, Yvette
Domine, Michael S.
Donohue, Andrew
Downey, Dave
Duarte, Serina
Erdos, Irv
Faryon, Joanne
Figueroa, Teri
Finnerty, Kevin
Fiorina, Steve
Fox, Zach
Franklin, Chip
Fry, Wendy
Fudge, Tom
Fulcher, Albert H.
Galindo, Ramon
Gallaher, Paul
Gallant, Julie
George, Connie
Goldberg, Kenny
Gomez-Salcido, Ana Laura
Gonzalez, Michael
Goodwin, Jenifer
Gordon, Sarah
Grasska, Denis C.
Graves, Brad
Gustafson, Craig
Hasemyer, David
Hopkins, Scott
Hotchkiss, Sonjiala
Huard, Ray
Huffman, Corle
Huracha, Angel
Huse, Andrew
Isackson, Amy
Joyce, Ed
Juarez, Andres
Kimura, Mayumi
Kit, Felicia
Klass, Marta
Kragen, Pam
La Jolla Light newspaper online
Larson, Nicole Sours
Lastrella, Aimee
Launer, Pat
Laurin, James
Lawrence, Whitney
Leyva Eissa , Veronica
Lewis, Connie
Lewis, Doris
Lewis, Edward
Liddick, S.D.
Lizarondo, Roland
Long, Jenna
Lustgarten, Abraham
Lytle, Jamie Scott
Maclachlan, Anne
Maia, Carlos
Malloy, Elizabeth
Manary, Lauren
McAtee, David
Meier, Judy Winter
Moberly, Anya
Moramarco, Lucette
Moran, Chris
Naiman, Joe
Nelson, David
Nevarez, Vanessa K.
Niebla, Rebecca
North County Times staff
Olender, David J.
Orendain-Necochea, Gabriel
Ortiz, Heidi
Pargas, Terri
Penner, Gloria
Pfingsten, Tom
Pierce, Emmet
Ramirez, Esmeralda
Ramsey, Debbie
Randolph, Ned
Reeder, Andrew
Reeder, Julie
Reynolds, Lauren
Rhodes, Forest
Ricalde, Marianna
Richards, Heather
Rico, Carlos
Rocha, Gerardo
Rojas, Mark
Rovatsos, Michael
Rowland, Bob
Saavedra, Sherry
Sanders, Jeff
San Diego Magazine online
San Diego Union-Tribune staff
Sauer, Mark
Scannell, Christy
Sevilla, Guillermo
Shannon, Eric
Sifuentes, Edward
Simpson, Erica
Somers, Terri
Sondak, Brad
Sounart, Amanda
St. John, Alison
Steinhour, S. Michael
Stenquist, Heidi
Steward, Hal D.
Suarez, John
The Summit
Suthers, Michele
Taylor, Nathalie
Tintocalis, Ana
Vara, Juliette
Varga, George
Ventura, Lauren
Verdin, Andrea
Walcher, Laura
Walker, Mark
Warth, Gary
Weisberg, Lori
Wilkie, Dana
Wilkinson, Peter
Williams, Brooke
Wisniewski, Alissa
Wood, Beth
Yang Su, Eleanor


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