LGBT panel educates journalists on coverage of gay issues

By Thom Senzee
Late last month, another bit of LGBT history was made, albeit on a more modest level than the overturning of DOMA and Prop. 8 as the San Diego Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists presented their first-ever LGBT media event. I invited and moderated a panel of four experts and activists to speak about LGBT civil rights and LGBT media issues.

The panel was composed of Monica Trasandes, director of Spanish-language media at GLAAD in Los Angeles; Stampp Corbin, a former Obama campaign official and publisher of LGBT Weekly; civil rights activist Will Walters; and San Diego LGBT Community Center official and transgender rights activist Connor Maddocks.

The intent of the panel was to educate San Diego area journalists about the ins and outs of covering news about lesbians, gays and bisexual and transgender individuals and the LGBT community, moreover.

To read Thom’s entire blog post, click here.


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